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He who grows in grace remembers that he is but dust, and he therefore does not expect his fellow Christians to be anything more. He overlooks ten thousand of their faults, because he knows his God overlooks twenty thousand in his own case. He does not expect perfection in the creature, and, therefore, he is not disappointed when he does not find it.
Charles H. Spurgeon   (via a-quiline)

(Source: crosspreacher)


Jackie Robinson steals home plate against Yogi Berra during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series on Sept. 28, 1955.  The Brooklyn Dodgers lost the game 6-5, but went on to beat the New York Yankees 4-3 in the series.  Robinson, the first player to break Major League Baseball’s color barrier, was born 95 years ago today. (Mark Kauffman/SI)


Indiana coach Bob Knight winds up and tosses a chair across the floor during the Hoosiers’ 72-63 loss to Purdue on Feb. 23, 1985, in Bloomington, Ind.  On Tuesday, appearing on ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio show, Knight explained that he believes the NBA has “raped” college basketball with one-and-dones  (AP)

We all have one of those days! Jaja love sports

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